Graduate Profile

St. Teresa's Academy
Graduate Profile

St. Teresa’s Academy students are well prepared to enrich our world and excel in a global society. Each student
is challenged, encouraged, and supported to achieve her highest level of knowledge, skills, and character
through the development of the following attributes.



Students are aware of and act according to:
• Their faith as a foundation to navigate their life.
• Their connection to global society, including environmental, cultural, economic, and political factors.
• Their civic responsibilities in their communities.
• Their ability to make decisions and the impact of the individual.








Students possess ethical values and respect for others by taking initiative, persevering, and being resilient. Traits enriched within students include:
• Integrity, instilling honesty, loyalty, and concern and respect for others.
• Courage, and the confidence to stand for fairness and accountability.
• The pursuit of excellence, helping each student strive to reach her full potential.




Students approach communication with a sense of ownership, accountability, confidence, and respect demonstrated individually and collaboratively by:
• Proficiency in written communication.
• Command of oral communication, including speaking, presenting, active listening, and constructive dialogue.
• Adaptability and flexibility in response to an audience and environment.
• Effective and responsible use of current technology.






Students are self-invested and self-directed to identify a need and actively pursue potential answers demonstrated individually and collaboratively by:
• Discerning research skills, including proficiency in accessing, managing, and processing information.
• Ability to successfully set goals, develop action plans, manage time, monitor progress, and evaluate results.
• Ability to reflect and use feedback to continuously improve.
• Personal development and expression through artistic, physical, and intellectual disciplines.








Students possess the attitude and skills necessary for the continuous pursuit of knowledge throughout life demonstrated individually and collaboratively by:
• Complex problem-solving skills.
• Creative and critical-thinking skills.
• Evaluative and reflective practices.
• Growth mindset that values deep and original thinking.