Statement from the Board of Directors

June 2020

Earlier in June, in light of the tragic death of George Floyd, our St. Teresa’s Academy President, Dr. Siabhan May-Washington, issued an STA statement condemning systemic racism. The STA Board of Directors stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Dr. May-Washington in courageously speaking out against racism in all its ugly forms. We stand as steadfast allies of the black community, including our own family of students, faculty and staff and we will not ignore the prejudices and injustices that plague our nation and the world. This is a watershed moment where we must acknowledge the inequities that disproportionately affect Black lives. Black lives matter.
In accordance with our mission and vision of “love of dear neighbor without distinction”, we affirm our treasured embrace of our black students and their families as vital members of our past, present, and future, and we seek atonement for any ways in which we have not supported them fully over the years. We have worked diligently with our faculty/staff, students and the STA community, especially over the last 10 years, to:         

  • Combat racism in all its ugly forms
  • Recruit and develop a diverse student body and workforce at STA
  • Provide financial and socio-emotional support for our black students and affirm their solidarity and dignity in our community
  • Invite and cultivate diverse voices and perspectives among our student body and have courageous conversations about racism and prejudice

 We are conscious that cultivating a sustainable inclusive culture starts at the top of any organization, so, with the Sisters of St. Joseph help, we have not overlooked diversity in the recruitment of excellent candidates for the Board and for leadership roles within the school.
Guided by the Sisters of St. Joseph charism to pursue unifying love in the world and to address root systemic injustices, we are fully committed to putting our values into action. To that end, the St. Teresa’s Academy Board of Directors has formed a committee to determine what further actions we can take to make our school even more accessible for young black students, to further affirm our black students and their families within our school community, to address any injustices they face. We appreciate the entire St. Teresa’s community and all of its efforts to support us in these endeavors. God bless you during these challenging times.

STA Board of Directors

Kevin Connor
Sr. Vice President, AMC
St. Teresa’s Academy Board Chairperson
Laura Foley ‘76
Community Volunteer
Rose McLarney, CSJ
Community Volunteer, Restorative Justice
Ann Tierney Prochnow ‘84
Freelance Writer
St. Teresa’s Academy Board Chairperson Elect
Jon Haden
Partner, LathropGPM LLP
Lucy McShane-Davis ‘98
Attorney, McShane & Brady, LLC
Helen Alder, CSJ ‘60
Volunteer Parish Nurse
Kathy Jantsch ‘76
Financial Planning and Analysis, American Century Investments
Marion Pierson, M.D. ‘87
Partner, Village Pediatrics
Kiran Chandra ‘89
Director of Corporate and Community Engagement, KC Hospice
Mark Kistler
Senior VP – Capital Group/American Funds
Kathy Walter-Mack J.D.
CEO, Focus Consulting, LLC
Susan Parra – Clements ‘92
Account Director, DEG
Marilyn Lott, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph
Doug Fielder
Risk Management Analyst, Asurion
Joe Massman
Chief Financial Officer
Kansas City University