Global Education

Dedicated to providing 21st century education ideals, St. Teresa’s Academy recognizes the importance of a global education. Student begin to think about the world beyond their classroom walls in an effort to succeed in an increasingly competitive and international environment.

International Travel

Either through mission trips or through the Social Studies and World Language Departments,  students submerge themselves in new cultures and broaden their views of the world. Students traveled extensively in the summer of 2019 to Japan, China, Spain and more. Click here to learn about upcoming international travel opportunities.

Distance Learning

Through the use of the Windmoor Center’s high-tech classrooms, students have access to distance learning opportunities through state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing equipment. For example, students will study Chinese utilizing these technologies. Advanced students also have access to online courses offered through the Online School for Girls. This unique educational experience connects girls worldwide through relevant and engaging coursework not traditionally offered at STA, including engineering, human geography, marine science, and more.

One-to-One Laptop Program

Every student receives a customized device loaded with the latest software and books. Learn more about this device here. The wireless campus allows students to conduct research, take online tests, communicate with peers and teachers, and submit assignments from anywhere on or off campus. Electronic textbooks will eventually replace conventional textbooks, lightening the weight of student backpacks.


The eMentoring program matches juniors and seniors to other female professional mentors in over 20 different career fields across the country. This new programs offers students the opportunity to explore potential career paths and the skills needed to succeed in that career. Through personal insight and knowledge, students are better able to define their educational and career paths.