Unique to STA

Modular schedules are patterned after a typical college or university, with each student’s schedule created specifically for her academic needs and interests. No two class schedules are alike, with classes typically alternating between morning and afternoon each day. Students leave St. Teresa’s with considerable experience in decision-making, time management, and self-discipline.

Through the Advisory Program, students from all grade levels form four-year relationships with their faculty advisors and classmates within their homerooms. Each day, students meet in their advisory to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, and holidays; pray and listen to announcements; and connect on a personal level. The STA advisory truly becomes family.

Time-honored traditions often create the most special memories for STA alums. From the mother-daughter luncheon and fashion show, to the father-daughter dinner and dance, to the junior ring ceremony and the new Passing of the Legacy Ceremony, St. Teresa’s celebrates the school’s legacy and the significance these traditions have for our students.

A wide variety of extracurricular activities are made available to students, providing further opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and explore areas of interest. Whether a student’s interests lie in the fine arts, publications (yearbook or newspaper), academic clubs, or sports, she’ll find a place for her interests here.

Sisterhood. We believe in it and know there is no other place like St. Teresa's Academy. It is here where bonds of friendship are first formed through shared experiences over four years. These experiences grow into a lifetime of wonderful memories and life-long friends.