Academic Overview

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Young women at St. Teresa's have been challenged to maintain a standard of excellence in academics for more than 150 years. The college-preparatory curriculum is innovative and rigorous, positioning students to succeed in their chosen paths with 98% going directly on to a four-year college or university. The curriculum is rooted in technology to keep our young women ahead of the curve with customized devices and Internet access (with restrictions) anywhere on campus. 

Over 125 courses are available in our broad-based curriculum. Students may earn college credit through Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as well as through dual enrollment courses with Rockhurst University, Saint Louis University, and the University of Missouri Kansas City. Our flexible schedule better prepares students for college by encouraging personal responsibility and self-discipline. Students are encouraged to meet with faculty for additional assistance during their open room periods. Our graduates enter college with considerable experience in decision-making and self-direction of time.

Each winter, students complete four-year course plans as they progress through their academic career. These online plans are used by students, parents, advisors, and school and college counselors to create academic goals. 

Graduation Requirements 


  • English - 4
  • Mathematics - 4
  • Science - 3 [core science requirements, 1 biology required and 1 chemistry or physics required]
  • Social Studies - 3
  • Modern & Classical Languages - 3 [2 consecutive and 1 of choice]
  • Theology - 4
  • Personal Finance - .5
  • Fine/Communication Arts - 1
  • Health & Physical Education - 1
  • Electives - 2.5
  • Community Service - 90 hours 

Grading Policies 

St. Teresa's Academy uses a percent (%) grading system. GPA is calculated for each semester and cumulatively. 

  • The cumulative grade percent is a weighted grade percent. Honors, College, and AP designated courses are given an additional 5 bonus points each semester if a student earns a 77.0% or higher. 
  • 100% is the maximum a student can earn unless it is a weighted course, then the maximum is 105.%.
  • A 66.5% is required to earn credit in a course.
  • St. Teresa's Academy does not utilize class rank. 
  • First Honors: 93.0 and higher, Second Honors: 87.0-92.99% - awarded each semester.
  • Transfer student grades are not calculated into the cumulative STA grade percent.
  • Additional grading policies may be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.