MO A+ Program

St. Teresa’s Academy is a State of Missouri A+ School and our Missouri residents may apply for the A+ Scholarship at various Missouri colleges/universities. 


  • Missouri resident for three years
  • U.S. Citizen
  • 95% average attendance (no more than 5 unexcused absences per semester while @ STA)
  • 75. cumulative GPA & 17 or higher on the math section of the ACT or
  • 80. cumulative GPA & 15 or higher on the math section of the ACT
  • NO SBRs for unlawful drugs/alcohol use
  • 50 hours of approved tutoring (unpaid) prior to May 1 of senior year
    Tutoring must occur at an organization/school with a designated tutoring program and turned in at the end of each school year to be verified/recorded. Hours may be used from junior/senior service project, if applicable.  
  • Complete FAFASA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in fall of senior year.
  • Be a degree/certificate seeking full time student at a participating institution. Additional requirements for renewal while in college will apply.

Missouri A+ Scholarship amounts vary by institution. The scholarship was designed to cover tuition at a community/technical college. There are a few MO colleges/universities that offer A+ Incentive scholarships; check individual institutional websites for details on amount, deadline, application, and if they are stackable with other scholarship offers.

Application & Tutoring Log – print from the links below. Students may complete the application at any time during their high school career but no later than May 1 of senior year (or earlier depending on A+ Scholarship application at college of choice). An application must be on file prior to turning in a tutoring log; logs must be turned in at the end of each school year for those hours to be applied for the 50-hour requirement. Counselors will record hours in PowerSchool. Return application to: Mrs. Hudson (K-Z) or Mrs. Jelavich (A-J).

Tutoring Log

All steps/deadlines must be met for approval to be granted by STA.

Continued state funding must also be in place from the State of MO for the A+ Schools Program.