Advanced Math

To Parents and 8th Grade Math Teachers,

The push for Algebra I at the middle school level creates an interesting challenge for the math department at St. Teresa’s Academy. With approximately forty feeder schools, the scope and sequence of middle school Algebra varies widely both with respect to curriculum content and the use of technology. 

  • With the exception of a few “no calculator” topics, students will be allowed to use a calculator in their math classes. A minimum of a scientific calculator is required for all students and a graphing calculator is recommended for advanced students. We recommend the TI 84+.

At St. Teresa’s, our goal is to start all freshmen with a curriculum appropriate to their ability and math experience. To provide a more rigorous long-term program, we in general do not recommend a freshman with strong math ability to start in (regular) Geometry instead of Advanced Algebra I. This allows the student to enter the Advanced/Honors/AP Calculus math track.

Qualifying exams for advanced/honors Math courses will be administered in the spring of 2022.

We hope you find the provided material helpful. If you have any questions, please direct them to one of our Math Department co-chairs: Mary Fisher or Belinda Toma

Thank you.
STA Math Department

Advanced/Honors Math Course Flow-Chart

Option I:

  1. Advanced Algebra I (8th grade) – by successfully completing the STA 8th grade course or testing out of Advanced Algebra I by demonstrating strong Algebra I mastery through an additional qualifying exam prior to freshman year.
  2. Honors Geometry: (freshman year) weighted course
  3. Honors Algebra II: (sophomore year) weighted course
  4. College Pre-Calculus: (junior year) weighted / dual credit course
  5. AP Calculus I: (senior year) weighted / dual credit course

​Option II:

  1. Advanced Algebra I (freshman year)
  2. Honors Geometry (sophomore year): weighted course
  3. Honors Algebra II (junior year): weighted course
  4. College Pre-Calculus (senior year): weighted/dual credit course

** Students who want to take AP Calculus I their senior year (weighted / dual credit course) have 2 options to facilitate a transition to the Option I flow chart:
1)  Complete the STA Geometry course that will be offered during the summer between freshman and sophomore year or
2)  Enroll in both Geometry and Honors Algebra II during sophomore year (one of the student’s electives will be a math course)

Topics in Advanced Algebra I

  • Unit 1- Real Numbers
  • Unit 2 – Linear Equations
  • Unit 3- Fractions and Applications
  • Unit 4 - Lines
  • Unit 5 – Linear Systems
  • Unit 6 – Exponents and Polynomials
  • Unit 7 – Factoring Polynomials
  • Unit 8 – Rational Expressions
  • Unit 9 - Quadratics
  • Unit 10 - Radicals
  • Unit 11 – Geometry introduction