Mother Evelyn O'Neill Award

The Mother Evelyn O’Neill awards ceremony recognizes excellence in leadership, community service or educational reform.

The acquisition of knowledge and the consequent physical, mental and moral development of the individual to the end that one may learn the truth about all things and thus be closer to and more like God.

Mother Evelyn O’Neill

In 1908, Mother Evelyn O’Neill, a member of the faculty, was appointed Superior of St. Teresa’s Academy, then located at 12th and Washington Street. Though Mother Evelyn and all associated with the old St. Teresa’s Academy loved it loyally, business establishments were being erected on all sides and many realized the need of a new site for the school. Mother Evelyn was determined to make the necessary change. 

In securing permission for a new location and in arranging for the loan to finance the undertaking, Mother Evelyn displayed an unshakable faith in divine providence and in the intercession of St. Joseph, as well as a heroic degree of courage, humility, and perseverance. Added to these virtues, Mother Evelyn possessed a zeal for Catholic education, an aesthetic sense, and great foresight, which enabled her to build for the future of the Academy she loved so dearly. 

Mother Evelyn died at Nazareth Convent in Lemay, Missouri, on December 26, 1938, at the age of 79 and in her 62nd year of religious life. Most of these 62 years were spent at St. Teresa’s Academy.

2021 Recipients
Community Recipient: Carol Hallquist
Student Recipient: Ella Sowle, Class of 2021 

Past award recipients include:
Kathleen Andrews, Debby Ballard, Angela Bennett, Sister Corita Bussanmas, Connie Campbell, Dorothy Curry, Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen, Kimberley Davis, Charlotte Davison, Nancy Dillingham, Mary Esselman, Sister Rosemary, Flanigan, CSJ, SuEllen Fried, Barbara Friedman, Suzanne Gladney, Anita Gorman, Carol Grimaldi, Lisa Hughes, Mamie Hughes, Mary Lou Jaramillo, Sue Jarvis, Georgia Lynch, Carol Marinovich, Albertine McGurk, Mary Kay McPhee, Mary K. Meyer, Paige O'Connor, Sister Berta Sailer, Beth Smith, Susan Stanton, Ellen Suni, Rita Valenciano, Dr. Faith Wilson, Sheri Wood

Past student recipients include: 
Emma Allen (‘12),  Carrie Hudson (‘13), Madison Fitzgerald (‘14), Gracie Fleming (‘15), Tricia Melland ('16), Gabrielle Pesek & Eilis Leptien ('17), Liv DeSantis ('18), Claire Wunder ('19), Anna Grace Albritton ('20)

*The student winner is awarded a gift of $250 to be given to the charity of her choice.