Taher Lunch Service

St. Teresa's Academy is excited to welcome Taher Inc. as the new lunch provider for students, faculty, and staff.

Taher has 40+ years of providing specialized food service to more than 300 public and private schools, universities and businesses. They are committed to the well-being of our students and will deliver fresh, healthy and locally grown food to our school.

If your daughter wishes to purchase lunch through Taher, you must first create an account and add funds to "LunchTime" using instructions found here. If you had a remaining balance with Bistro, it has been refunded to your Blackbaud Tuition Management (formerly Smart Tuition) account. Click here to create an account and add funds.

We are not an open campus, so students are expected to dine at school, whether through Taher or by bringing their own lunches.

If you have any issues creating your LunchTime/Taher account, please contact Mary Sandgren, Food Service Specialist at Taher, at 612-750-0525 or m.sandgren@taher.com.

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